Fire Pit Topper/Grill


Lid Style *

Please choose if you want the decorative lid for the fire pit or the mesh lid for grilling.

Number of accent rows *

Please choose if you would like one or two rows of accents across the sides.

Accent style *

Please choose what type of metal accents you want for the sides.



Rims are available for $50, please find them under Fire Pit Rim under products section.

The topper and rim come rough cleaned and painted high temp black.

Outside dimensions are 26.5×26.5, the topper height is 11. Total height is around 20″ some rims vary in height. We can do custom words in the center contact us for options. This would also work well built into your brick fire pit! If you want a rim, please go to our Fire Pit Rim product to order. This style is a top load with removable lid.
You can add an additional lid for barbecue or order no lid at all.
Please choose whether you want one row of accents or two and their style.

Dimensions: 24.5×24.5×11″

Additional information

Weight 47 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 12 in