6 Letter Sign


Single Color or Face Color

Please choose desired color, if you desire a different color please contact us by phone or email to see what color options are available.


Please type the word in the box ONLY if it applies to this product.

Two Toned Paint Scheme

Please choose from here for your edging color only if you are choosing two toned paint.

Tie Dye Paint Scheme

Please choose your 3 colors from the colors we offer, type them in the order you want them from top to bottom. The last color will be the edging and back color.

Add a horse shoe hook

Please choose if you would like a hook put on the bottom, if a hook is added the sign can only be one single color.

Add a pair of twisted round bar hooks

This style will have the twisted round bar and please choose how many pairs of hooks you would like. The same as is with the horse shoe hooks if you add these the sign can only be one single color.

Add On’s

Please choose your add on’s if desired. They will be attached to the sign in the location of your choosing.



Please choose your desired paint scheme.

We can also add hooks, hearts, ribbons, apostrophes, and the & symbol. Click below if you desire one of these. Apostrophes are no additional charge.

Dimensions vary: 30x5x.5

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 36 x 6 x 6 in