Word Signs

  • I Heart U Teal and Brown WD1

    Please choose your desired paint scheme. Please choose if you want a hanging rope.(On the normal option without a rope it hangs the same as other word signs with finishing nails) Dimensions vary: 16x6x.5

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  • Love Polished WD1

    Available in almost any color. Different painting options available, including the heart a separate color. $55 with heart face separate color. $60 with Heart face one color and wording face another color while having the rest a third color. Please contact us if you desire this paint scheme. Dimensions: 16x5x.5″

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  • Mini Flower White and Pink WD1

    The Mini Flower CANNOT be ordered attached to a word from this product. This can be ordered on its own or added to the front or back of a word and attached. If it is attached to a word the color or color scheme must match the word. If you[…]

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  • WELCOME Coat Rack Polished WD1

    This sign has 3 pairs of the twisted round bar hooks. If you desire these with you welcome sign please select from the options above. Please choose your desired paint scheme. We can also add hooks, hearts, ribbons, apostrophes, and the & symbol. Click below if you desire one of[…]

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  • AMAZING GRACE Cross with Wings WD2

    $150 for single color. $165 for 2 toned. Dimensions: 33″ x 31″ x .5″

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  • URWIN Yard Sign WD1

    Word pricing ($10 a letter) plus $40 for yard sign. Dimensions: 34″ tall

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